Priest Set A Personal Best At A Marathon—And During Mass

The running priest catered a service to marathoners the morning of the race.

running priest
Photo: Robert Sciambra

Rev. Michael Alello is a runner—and he set a personal best at the Louisiana Marathon, finishing in 4 hours, 53 minutes and change. But what’s more impressive? The priest at St. Joseph’s Cathedral led a special mass for marathoners, completing the service in 27 minutes to allow participants to make mass and also make the starting line at the marathon.

“For 6 a.m. on a Sunday morning, that’s pretty awesome,” Alello told Runner’s World.More than 800 people showed up on Sunday morning, causing a standing-room-only crowd to form in the church. The best part? Alello had a running clock on the altar. Even longer lines to receive communion didn’t stop mass from hitting the 27-minute mark.

Okay, the real best part is he wore his running gear under his garments to save time—including his fuel belt!