This Former Pole Vaulter Just Dominated American Ninja Warrior

Jessie Graff is a stuntwoman, black belt and former pole vaulter—basically a recipe for success on this crazy-popular competition show.

Jessie Graff knows a thing or two about moving up and over obstacles on American Ninja Warrior—she’s was a high-school standout pole vaulter, earning a scholarship to Georgia Tech in the sport. She had sights set on the Olympics, but her highest jump fell a few inches short of qualifying.

What does she do now? She’s a professional stuntwoman, working on shows like “Supergirl”—oh, and she’s a black belt. So it comes as almost no surprise that they badass athlete totally destroyed the course of American Ninja Warrior at the Los Angeles qualifiers, including the new Warped Wall, where she was the first female to defeat it. And BTW—she was dressed as Wonder Woman for the event. Check out the video.