#PlusIsEqual, #IAmSizeSexy Are Storming New York Fashion Week

Lane Bryant is making noise at New York Fashion Week, and we love it.


Following their #IAmNoAngel campaign (and dig on Victoria’s Secret’s notorious ads), Lane Bryant is at it again, bringing body love, awareness and acceptance to one of the biggest stages for designers and clothing leaders: New York Fashion Week.

According to ATTN:, speculation that Lane Bryant was behind the #PlusIsEqual ad campaign that began with a full spread ad featuring curvy women in Vogue’s September issue. (And how appropriate that LB tweeted out the image on Women Equality Day.)


Indeed, the powerhouse clothing brand, who was featured in Women’s Running’s August gear feature, started the trending hashtag just in time for NYFW—and the increasing attention surrounding the ‘tag and its meaning will gain more momentum at the upcoming Emmy Awards, as well as a future segment on E!.

“Though 67 percent of women range in size 14-24, the media still fails to represent them,” founder and CEO Linda Heasley explained in a statement. “The inequality exists and we’re continuing to balance the equation. Plus is Equal. Our women are not only equal, they are sexy and fabulous!”

Although needing no validation, Heasley’s point was definitely confirmed. #IAmSizeSexy broke the Internet when Ashley Graham, one of the many women gracing LB’s I Am No Angel campaign, strutted down the runway to debut her own lingerie line for curvy women. Graham and the models that followed looked absolutely fabulous (and hot!) showing off the intimate pieces from the collection, and their moves down the runway were monumental in a world that does not glamorize double-digit sizes enough.

Graham was just one of many models to bring #PlusIsEqual to social media and cause a rightful stir. On Monday, LB brought the message to the streets of New York with an outdoor rally.


There will one day be a day where size doesn’t matter to a brand, and the need for a hashtag or rally to go viral to be noticed will be minimal. Body equality and beauty for all will just exist without a second thought. Lane Bryant is a brand that makes that type of future possible for women, runners, women runners and humans.


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