People Were Wondering Which Shoes Pippa Middleton Runs In

She was wearing Hoka shoes!

Photo: Hello Magazine

We love that Pippa Middleton is a badass competitor, even on her honeymoon. Perhaps that’s why she’s such a tremendous marathoner too—she’s a huge advocate for living a healthy lifestyle.

According to the Daily Mail, both Middleton and her now-husband followed rigorous workout routines ahead of their big day. On their honeymoon, on top of touring around Sydney on running foot, they also participated in a nighttime climb of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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And like many people do with celebrity figures, people wanted to know—who are you wearing?! We did some sleuthing and discovered that she enjoys the Hoka shoe brand, specifically the Challenger ATR 3 shoe, which can be used on all terrain. If we try that shoe, will we run a PR in our next race?