Picky Bars Signs 16 Athletes To Join The Picky Team

Picky Bars announces their first partnership with elite athletes from various sports.

Picky Team Image

Picky Bars, the nutritional bar company based in Bend, Ore., has announced their first partnership with 16 world class athletes from various sports. The group, dubbed the Picky Team, includes ultrarunner Denise Bourassa and four members of the all-female elite Team Little Wing—Pan American Gold Medalist Christine Babcock, US Road Mile Champion Kate Grace, Olympic Trials qualifier Collier Lawrence and NCAA Champion Mel Lawrence. They have also signed Olympic medalist swimmer Caitlin Leverenz.

Founders Jesse Thomas, Lauren Fleshman and Stephanie Bruce are excited to work with these exceptional athletes.

“It’s always been a dream and goal of ours to support other athletes in lower profile sports in ways that showcase not only their athletic badassery, but also the cool stuff they do outside of competition,” said co-founder, CMO, and 2x US 5K Champion, Lauren Fleshman.

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Co-Founder, world class marathoner, and Women’s Running blogger Stephanie Bruce added, “The Picky Team is full of the kind of people who make you want to go big and live well.”

These athletes will use Picky Bars to fuel their training, as well as become active members of the Picky Club, the company’s monthly subscription service.

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