Track Puppies

Morgan and Sergio Gonzalez went to run at a track and made a surprising discovery.

On a 5 degree morning last December, Morgan and Sergio Gonzalez drove to a local track in Mammoth Lakes, CA to run a workout. It was there that they made a surprising discovery. In the parking lot that the track shared with a local animal shelter, the Gonzalez’s found four puppies. Unfortunately the animal shelter was closed for that day. Morgan and Sergio, professional runners for Puma who are coached by Andrew Kastor, decided to push off their workout in favor of quickly taking the puppies home to get warm and be fed.

Due to the quick attention and caring nature of Morgan and Sergio, the story of the Track Puppies has a happy ending. After fostering the dogs for some time, loving homes were found for the two male puppies right within their neighborhood. And the Gonzalez’s decided to keep the two females dogs. Roam and Matty (named because Morgan and Sergio climbed the Matterhorn on their honeymoon) are now happy, healthy, and fond of going on adventures with their new family.

Take a look through our photo gallery of the adorable Track Puppies. To see more photos, follow Morgan and Sergio, head to their blog: You can also follow them on Twitter:@Mohosjo and @Number1miler.