Millrose Games

A few photos from the elite races at the 107th Millrose Games.

On Saturday, The Armory in New York City played host to the 107th NYRR Millrose Games. The meet featured races by top high school teams, speedy club teams, and of course, some of America’s best distance runners.  Here are some photos highlighting the event

A look towards the start of the Women’s 3K

Kim Conley dominated the 3K, taking the lead and never looking back. She won in a time of 8:48.35

Best thing about our sport: the camaraderie and support. Dartmouth Senior Abby D’Agostino and New Balance’s Lucy Van Dalen prop each other up on the walk off the track after the 3K. D’Agostino finished 4th and Van Dalen finished 6th.

“My goal for the season was to win or PR in all events”, Conley said, speaking post-race about her string of winning performances this winter.

The women’s mile featured 12 speedy women but all eyes were on high school senior Mary Cain.

Imagine moving so fast that you were just a blur. The women’s field mid-mile.

Cain for the win in 4:27.73

Cain was possibly the most popular athlete at the event, with cameras and reporters surrounding her after the race. Always professional. Cain paused mid-interview as the National Anthem played, as to not be disrespectful.

High school senior Alexa Efraimson finished in 6th place among the pro field in 4:32.15. Pretty amazing for a 17 year old!

New Balance’s Emma Coburn finished 5th in the mile.

Everyone’s pretend boyfriend, Nick Symmonds, after the men’s 1,000.