This Runner is the Brains Behind Your Mid-Run Fuel

Strength, speed, beauty, and brains? Magdalena Boulet is an Olympian you need to know.

This is a part of our 15 Most Powerful Women in Running series. Who runs the world? Girls—obviously.

VP of Innovation, Research, and Development at GU Energy Labs & Professional Runner
Age: 42
Oakland, CA

Magdalena Boulet at the 2008 Olympics
Photo: Getty Images

You may know Boulet for her marathon speed—the 2008 Olympian has a personal best of 2:26—but what you might not realize is that she’s the brains behind the fuel you eat mid-race. Gu Energy Labs is the largest manufacturer of gels in the world, and as a VP, Boulet is responsible for crafting new flavors.

The runner takes a scientific approach, using her master’s in exercise physiology and her extensive knowledge of nutrition to ensure the company’s formulas help athletes everywhere perform at their best. This year, Boulet managed to balance her day job and role as mom to 10-year-old Owen with intensive training.

In her first shot at the distance, she won the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, with a smile on her face and a smooch for her son at the finish.

“I feel powerful when I’m standing on top of a mountain peak, and I can clearly see where I have come from and what I have conquered to get there.”

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