Runners Share Memories and Wisdom One Year After Gabe Grunewald Died

By getting out and logging miles or posting their favorite memories, the runner's deep fan base is connecting through tributes on social media.

On the one-year anniversary of Gabe Grunewald’s death, runners are taking to social media, using the hashtags #bravelikegabe and #runningonhope, to share what the middle distance runner, national champion, and the woman who lived with cancer for a decade taught them. 

No tribute is as touching as the one from her husband, Justin Grunewald, who is also the president and CEO of the Brave Like Gabe Foundation. Or from her sister, Abigail Anderson, who posted a loving poem titled “Easy to Find,” about seeing Grunewald all around her in the past year. 

Brooks, Grunewald’s former sponsor, is honoring her legacy multiple ways, including the release of a special-edition shoe with “Running on Hope” printed all over it. Proceeds from the legacy shoe, which is on sale today, will go to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center on behalf of the Brave Like Gabe Foundation. Brooks also released this tribute on Twitter:

Friends of Grunewald’s, and even strangers who have been touched by her story, are also posting their love. Some, like home improvement mogul Chip Gaines has pledged to donate to Brave Like Gabe today and are urging others to do the same. (Read a moving essay Gaines wrote about how they met and how she changed his life.) Others are making sure to get out and run any distance in Grunewald’s memory and for others who are living with cancer.

Many runners are calling out her bits of wisdom that they carry to this day when things get hard. Like “It’s OK to struggle, but it’s not OK to give up,” “Running on hope,” or simply the word “brave.”

To make a donation to the Brave Like Gabe Foundation or find out more about its mission, visit the website.