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Activist and Mental Health Counselor Alison Désir Talks With Dhani Jones

Dhani Jones and Alison Désir talk in the second episode of Someone Like Me, a series of conversations with outstanding individuals in endurance sports with different backgrounds, including BIPOC, transgender, and adaptive athletes.

Alison Désir is a mental health counselor, activist, and founder of Harlem Run Club. Here she joins Dhani Jones to share her story about how she got into endurance sports in the second episode of Someone Like Me presented by Gatorade Endurance.

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The Someone Like Me campaign is about shining a light on outstanding individuals of different backgrounds—BIPOC, transgender, and adaptive athletes—who are participating in endurance sports.

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Dhani Jones—an entrepreneur, TV host, philanthropist, and former professional athlete—will be rolling out a series of these Someone Like Me interviews in the coming days. Dhani is on the board of directors of Pocket Outdoor Media, the parent company of Women’s Running and a host of other active lifestyle brands.