Los Angeles And Paris To Host 2024 And 2028 Olympics

The big question now is, which city will host which year? According to ABC News, it’s up to Los Angeles and Paris, the two options for Olympics following 2020 Tokyo, to decide. Other bidding cities dropped out due to the massive price tag attached to creating the infrastructure to host the games. Rio de Janeiro was left with around a $12 billion tab after last summer’s Olympics.

Paris, who hosted the games 100 years ago come 2024, will most likely take their centennial anniversary, while Los Angeles will probably host the 2028 Olympics. It would be their third time hosting the summer games and the first time since 1996 that the games are held in the United States. (Atlanta hosted them last time.) The International Olympic Committee is expected to award both cities with a bid at the same time in September, pending that the French and the Americans can decide amongst themselves who gets which year.

The rare decision to announce two host cities at once is part of a larger effort to encourage other cities to continue vying to play host. The massive financial undertaking has been a deterring factor; many pour a lot of funds into just campaigning, only to lose both the bid and the interest to try again. The good thing about these final two contenders? They both have somewhat existing facilities to hopefully offset costs and inspire others to want to join in on the fun for 2032 and beyond.