Why did you start running?

I was training for a three-day walk for breast cancer. I got tired of walking so much so I started running a little here and there during my walks. I found I could run farther and farther as the training went on. Before I knew it, I was running a 5k! Once I crossed that finish line, I could not stop smiling. I was a runner!

What makes you go run?

A few months after the birth of my daughter, I started a running club just for moms to offer support, encouragement and advice. It’s now a nationwide club with over 150 chapters. Seeing moms motivate each other to go distances and speeds they never though they could keeps my running flame burning bright. I may not be the fastest runner—but I try to keep it fun and represent all the mid-packers out there!

Fun fact. . .

My biggest goal is to do my first 50k this November! During my last marathon, I overcame the habit of being a “watch watcher.” I finally learned to just run.