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In Celebrating Local Olympic Hopefuls, We Lift Up Our Communities

Stephanie Bruce read an article not long ago that said she had a 5 percent chance of making the 2020 U.S. Olympic marathon team. And while she doesn’t put a lot of thought into such analysis, the prediction still lingered with her for a moment. Days later, Bruce headed out the door for her second […]

How She Gets It Done: Rita Beard on Balancing Her Career and Her Running

She’s one of the founding members of Raleigh Distance Project, an all-women’s elite running team formed in 2017. She also happens to be a full-time worker’s comp defense attorney at a private firm in Raleigh, North Carolina. But Rita Beard, 30, has found a knack for succeeding at two extreme—and unlinked—passions.  “I am balancing clients […]

Six Olympic Trials Marathons: Bev Docherty Reflects on Her Historic Run

Bev Docherty was among the 238 women in Olympia, Washington for the first women’s Olympic Trials Marathon in 1984. It was more like a celebration than a race, she says, marking their role in history and the open road of possibilities ahead. They savored the moment—as new as most of them were to the marathon, […]

Sara Vaughn on Babies, Body Image, and Chasing Big 2020 Goals

If you didn’t know better, you might think Sara Vaughn was just another uber-fit Boulder mom—but you’d be wrong. Standing just five foot one, the 1,500-meter specialist is nothing if not extraordinary. In 2017, the mother of four and full-time real estate agent made the US team and competed in the World Championships when her […]

In the Wake of a Tragedy, We Look at Prioritizing Runner Safety on the Road

On Monday February 3rd, a high school cross-country team went out for a training run that ended in every runner’s, parent’s, teacher’s, coach’s—everyone’s worst nightmare. The student athletes from Moore High School in Oklahoma were about a half-mile from their school when six of them were struck by a pick up truck.  Two of the […]