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In the Wake of a Tragedy, We Look at Prioritizing Runner Safety on the Road

On Monday February 3rd, a high school cross-country team went out for a training run that ended in every runner’s, parent’s, teacher’s, coach’s—everyone’s worst nightmare. The student athletes from Moore High School in Oklahoma were about a half-mile from their school when six of them were struck by a pick up truck.  Two of the […]

Race Day Hydration is Becoming More Sustainable

Creating a sustainable running event is a challenge when tens of thousands of people are involved, but companies are getting creative to reduce the use of disposable cups.

Runners From All Over the World Show Up For Australia in the Relief Run

It’s hard to predict when the Australian bushfires that have ravaged the country since September will finally give the devastated communities a break. As of January 18th, there were still 69 active fires in New South Wales—one of the hardest hit states—and tens of millions of acres burned nationwide. Much-needed rain has offered some relief to […]