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“Few Things Make Me as Happy as Going For a Run With One of My Best Friends”

Just before dawn on Wednesday morning, a slightly bleary eyed Mary Cain walked into the NYRR RUNCENTER in Midtown Manhattan. NYRR staff milled about, preparing the space for its 7:00 a.m. opening. Some said hello, others let her be. Everyone knew her, of course, but it was quite early–and she was waiting for her running […]

How These Olympic Marathon Moms Get It All Done

Kids, training, and recovery don’t always mix perfectly, but these three women give us an inside scoop on how they manage to make 26.2-mile magic happen, even when family life is hectic.

Alexi Pappas Wants to Show the Reality of ‘Olympic Dreams’

It’s safe to say that every Olympic athlete has spent years, if not her entire life, preparing for that one moment. But what comes immediately after the dream is realized? That’s the moment 2016 Olympian Alexi Pappas and her husband, filmmaker Jeremy Teicher, wanted to explore in their new film Olympic Dreams. “You know, loss is not the […]

In Celebrating Local Olympic Hopefuls, We Lift Up Our Communities

Stephanie Bruce read an article not long ago that said she had a 5 percent chance of making the 2020 U.S. Olympic marathon team. And while she doesn’t put a lot of thought into such analysis, the prediction still lingered with her for a moment. Days later, Bruce headed out the door for her second […]

How She Gets It Done: Rita Beard on Balancing Her Career and Her Running

She’s one of the founding members of Raleigh Distance Project, an all-women’s elite running team formed in 2017. She also happens to be a full-time worker’s comp defense attorney at a private firm in Raleigh, North Carolina. But Rita Beard, 30, has found a knack for succeeding at two extreme—and unlinked—passions.  “I am balancing clients […]

Six Olympic Trials Marathons: Bev Docherty Reflects on Her Historic Run

Bev Docherty was among the 238 women in Olympia, Washington for the first women’s Olympic Trials Marathon in 1984. It was more like a celebration than a race, she says, marking their role in history and the open road of possibilities ahead. They savored the moment—as new as most of them were to the marathon, […]

Sara Vaughn on Babies, Body Image, and Chasing Big 2020 Goals

If you didn’t know better, you might think Sara Vaughn was just another uber-fit Boulder mom—but you’d be wrong. Standing just five foot one, the 1,500-meter specialist is nothing if not extraordinary. In 2017, the mother of four and full-time real estate agent made the US team and competed in the World Championships when her […]