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It’s More Than a Marathon for Olympic Trials Qualifier Grace Gonzales

Six years ago, if someone told Grace Gonzales that she would be running at an elite level and preparing for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in Atlanta later this month, she would have laughed.  She thought her competitive running days were over after graduating from Cal State Fullerton. At the tail end of her […]

How Injury Taught Emma Kertesz Patience and Perseverance

Emma Kertesz’s road to the 2020 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials hasn’t been as smooth as she anticipated.  Her plan was to qualify at the California International Marathon (CIM) in December 2018. She figured that would give her more than a full year to hone her training and show up in Atlanta as fit as possible. Lingering […]

What It Feels Like to Qualify for Olympic Trials at Your First Marathon

Kimberly Maloney was never going to run a marathon. The 2012 Clemson graduate had always favored shorter distances like 10Ks and half marathons. “I never wanted to do a marathon because it’s a distance you have to really want to do, and I just don’t have that fire right now,” said Maloney, 30, recently married […]