The Fool-Proof Packing List For Your Next Race

You won't forget anything when you use this list for your next destination race.

The Ultimate Packing List For Your Next Racecation

I just got back from a mini racecation. I thought I’d share the things that I always forget and the things I never forget to create the ultimate packing list for a racecation! There are always at least a couple items I forget and have to buy at the expo. Hopefully this list will help you avoid having to do the same!

Race info
Bib number printed out (or on your phone if that’s okay with the race), directions for parking, race day details, etc. This is pretty important so make sure you start with packing these items.

Race-day outfit
Obviously, you’ll pack your race day clothes and shoes. But don’t forget: socks—multiple pairs, gloves (I ALWAYS forget my gloves), throwaway gear in case it’s chilly at the start, an extra pair of shoes, body glide (you won’t make the mistake of forgetting this more than once, trust me), and options in case of unexpected weather. That means being prepared for it to be warmer than expected, colder than expected, rainy or windy. You don’t have to bring five outfits, but be smart.

For example, I just came back from traveling to Virginia Beach for a race. The weather is volatile in March and the beach can be windy and cold. In fact, it was windy, cold AND rainy. So I packed a long sleeve shirt to wear under my singlet in case it was cold. I added a hat in case it was rainy and brought my socks that perform well in rain and cold. Just a few extra pieces made me ready for whatever the weather would bring.

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Recovery items
Compression socks, cozy clothes and comfy shoes. Make sure you have all the things you normally like after a run available to you. And if you are driving home after the race, bring comfy pants to wear – not jeans. Trust me on this one!

I always pack the pb&j sandwich that I eat on race morning to make sure my breakfast is the same one I have before a long run. And then don’t forget whatever you’ll be using to fuel during the race.

Your watch, your fitbit or whatever you use to track your miles. Don’t forget those things—AND don’t forget their various chargers! Ditto for your ipod and headphones if you run with music.

I love traveling for a race, but remembering to pack everything can be tricky. I hope this packing list helps you out for your next racecation!

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