One Runner’s Selfie Fun at the NYC Half

Taking selfies with attractive runners got one participant through her half marathon.

For many runners who participated in last Sunday’s NYC Half Marathon, this winter has been brutal to train through. One runner, Kelly Roberts, decided to focus not only on running the race, but having some fun as well. Kelly snapped selfies with unknowing male runners and shared them on her Instagram account, tagging the photos #hotguysofthenychalf.

Kelly came up with the idea right before the start of the race. “We were in our holding corals and I spotted the first #hotguysofthenychalf behind me and came up with the idea and the hashtag. I didn’t really train for this race because of the crazy winter we had, so live instagraming was kind of a way to take my mind off the race. (And finding cuties/making myself laugh is the best distraction from the cold and exhaustion).”

Sometimes focusing on having fun is the best way to run well. Kelly started running a year and a half ago, and has already completed 5 half marathons, 1 full marathon, and a 10K. She ran the NYC Half in 2:01, which is only one minute off her personal best.

As for all of the attention she is getting for her race selfies, Kelly is happy that it puts a focus on running. “It’s been fun shinning a light on running. Hopefully more women will want to run 5ks, 10ks or half marathons! I know before a year and a half ago I NEVER thought I would be a runner!”

Take a browse through the gallery featuring a few of Kelly’s photos. To see more, head over to her Instagram page. Here’s to more speedy races and hilarious hashtags for Kelly.