One Brand’s Twitter Chat Backfired In The Worst Way

We applaud all companies who take a stand for every single active woman—but we still have more to go to reach every athlete in an equal way.


Lane Bryant, a brand perhaps best known for its #ImNoAngel ad campaign, hosted a Twitter chat where followers and fans could ask their marketing officer anything about the company. A brand that prides itself on creating apparel for all sizes, Lane Bryant apparently fell short with many of its customers. Instead of bringing thought-provoking questions and customer requests into the feed, #AskLaneBryant elicited a lot of complaints about lack of style and lack of knowledge about what women who would purchase their product actually want in a pant, shirt, bra or anything else.

Tweets ranged from complaints about bras that caused injury, to not catering to the older demographic, to not using a “plus-size fashion expert” to inform their creation.

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Last year a survey showed that 92% of plus-sized women were upset about the absence of style in their sizes, according to Business Insider. In addition, a mere 28% actually felt like their demographic was properly represented in the fashion industry. While more and more major brands are turning to expanding their size selection, it’s a widespread opinion that being all-inclusive goes beyond just supplying clothes for everyone. Every size, every woman, every human needs equal access to the quality and style that suits their personality, needs and desires.

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While we love the shift that’s happening in the fitness industry—it’s unfortunate that there ever had to be a shift—and applaud companies like Lane Bryant for taking a stand where it can count, we still have some more to go to reach every woman in an equal way in the fitness world.

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