One Airport Turned A Terminal Into An Indoor Track

Ahead of the 2020 Summer Olympics, Tokyo's Narita Airport has been redesigned with a track and field theme.

Photo: Kenta Hasegawa
Photo: Kenta Hasegawa

Finally—something that might make canceled flights, long delays and layovers and the general airport experience somewhat more tolerable. A redesign of Terminal 3 at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport has taken inspiration from the running world. In preparation for the 2020 Summer Olympics, creative design agency PARTY has implemented a track and field theme to help travelers navigate the airport.

The paths throughout the terminal now resemble running tracks. Blue lanes lead to departures, while red lanes signal the way to arrivals. In place of lane numbers, the track is printed with symbols representing the direction to baggage claim and transportation.

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While the redesign of the floor isn’t an actual track, just the look of running lanes may inspire travelers to cover a few miles while waiting out a delay. Even though it may not be exactly functional for running, the design will at least keep any wayward travelers from getting lost in the terminal.

Will we see Olympians performing shakeout runs on their way to Olympic Village when 2020 rolls around?