Oiselle Launches Program To Get Sports Bras To Young Girls

With the launch of GOT Bras, the company is helping young girls in need get the product and information to care for their changing bodies.


Middle school is often a time that girls stop participating in sports, in part to their changing bodies. Women’s apparel company Oiselle hopes to change that.

They have launched GOT (Girls On Track) Bras, a sports bra donation and education program aimed at middle school girls in need from ages 10-14. In its first year, Oiselle hopes to donate at least 2,000 sports bras, as well as share information on how to choose a sports bra and the importance of finding the proper fit. In 2018 and beyond, they hope to increase donations, as well as create first-bra designs for girls.

“What we know is that at this age, girls need more than free product. Through GOT Bras, we will provide very straightforward, usable information for a population of girls that need it most,” shares Dr. Sarah Lesko, one of the program leads and Oiselle Director, who is a family doctor with expertise in the changing physical needs of girls and women. “We want to de-mystify and de-stigmatize breast development. The sooner they have clarity on breast development as a normal, natural stage in their lives, and the helpful role of a sports bra, the better.”

The first charity partner for the GOT Bras program is Running for a Better Oakland (RBO) in Oakland, Calif. Oiselle will find additional donation recipients through a community nomination system, where people can nominate schools, organizations and/or clubs that reach girls from ages 8-14, located in communities that are most in need of the program.

The program is already underway, as Oiselle has created multiple ways for customers and their community to get involved. Beginning April 2017, a portion of every Oiselle Volée membership will go to the Woman Up Fund, which supports GOT Bras. Additionally, Oiselle is supporting the design and production of bras for young girls with every sports bra purchase from their current offerings. Lastly, you can nominate an organization at for consideration.

You can read more about GOT Bras on Oiselle’s blog post introducing the program.