NYC Running Mama: A Runner’s Emotions

Every run brings new emotions. How do you feel on the run?

runner emotions

One of the things I love and treasure most about running is the range of emotions it provides me. Even if I’m running the same route, same distance and same pace as I’ve done the day or week before, chances are my mind is in a different place. It can be the exact same run and yet a completely different experience.

I have my ups, downs, periods of happiness and moments of disappointment. I have been angry, determined, excited – and sometimes all within the span of a single run. It’s kind of amazing how running is able to do that.

Running makes me feel:

  • Happy because the sheer act of running makes my heart smile.
  • Calm when I let go of all the “to-do” lists or responsibilities that weigh on my shoulders and just put one foot in front of the other.
  • Strong when I nail a workout or long run.
  • Alive when I feel the cold breeze on my face or see the beautiful sunrise to start of the day.
  • Competitive with myself when I know I can do better.
  • Frustrated when I come up short during a race or workout.
  • Thankful for my body’s ability to even run.

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