Non-Retouched Photo of Cindy Crawford Goes Viral

The viral photo has people talking about photoshopping in magazines.

cindy crawford

In the March 2015 issue of Women’s Running, we are celebrating real women runners of all ages. Our cover models range in ages from 16 to 61 years old. So when an non-retouched photo of Cindy Crawford starting making its way around the internet this weekend, it was another great opportunity to celebrate real women.

The photo, from a shoot for Marie Claire magazine’s Mexican and Latin American issues in 2013, shows Crawford rocking lingerie, a fur coat, and a hat — and she looks amazing.  The photo has since gone viral and is being celebrated around the internet. Crawford is just a few days shy of her 49th birthday. Obviously she is still a supermodel (and continues to look every bit like one) but it is a nice reminder that there are real women behind all of the beauty images we are bombarded with.

Does this mean women are becoming fatigued of the Photoshopped images that populate our magazines? Do we want to see more real women in print? Tell us what you think by tweeting @womensrunning.