Nike Will Release Self-Lacing Shoes From Back To The Future

And of course, they will aid the Michael J. Fox Foundation in honor of the actor who famously wore them on a hover board.

Photo: Twitter/@MichaelJFoxOrg
Photo: Twitter/@MichaelJFoxOrg

October 21, 2015 just keeps getting better.

Although they aren’t superhuman running shoes, Nike’s storied self-lacing kicks from “Back to the Future” are no longer a thing of the future. They are here, according to reports, which began with the company tweeting Michael J. Fox, “see you tomorrow,” on Oct. 20.

According to Mashable, the tweet referenced self-lacing “Nike Mags” lookalikes that are now available somewhere in NYC. The original shoe came out in 2011 to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Fox famously portrayed Marty McFly in all three films of the ’80s trilogy. Now with an one-of-a-kind update as a nod to the futuristic kicks shown in the flick, the Mags supposedly have power laces as well.

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Fox shared a letter from Nike designer Tinker Hatfield via Twitter, explaining that he will score the very first pair of shoes and that more will be released next year to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation. A photo of Fox wearing the shoes on the foundation’s Twitter account also showed off another cool, never-gets-old, feature: they also apparently light up.

Other brands releasing special-edition iterations of product include Pepsi (for your #TBT post-run fueling) and Toyota, with a hydrogen-fueled car that looks like a 2015 upgrade from the DeLorean time machine, as well as a special reincarnation of Marty’s truck.