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Social Media Reacts to the Peloton Recall News

Some people are pleased. Others aren't. Many were hilarious.

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When Peloton announced its voluntary recall of the Tread and Tread+ on Wednesday, mainly due to the injury risk it poses children, it was huge news with some big reactions: The company’s stock has dropped more than 14%, “Peloton” is now a trending topic on Twitter, and the Official Peloton Member Page on Facebook has blown up with posts and questions about the announcement.

(If you’re a Peloton owner curious about what this means for you, we’ve got you covered.)

Look, we’re not parents. We’re not even treadmill owners! (Though, one of us does own the bike… and, would feel pretty triggered if someone tried to take it away.) So we don’t have a dog in this fight. But here’s what we’re seeing about how runners are reacting.

Peloton owners are an impassioned bunch, and we weren’t the only ones curious to see their reactions on social media.

The idea that a safety recall might have something do with cancel culture may seem silly, but it’s not uncommon. This reminder that safety recalls happen all the time, with all sorts of things, made us laugh.

Speaking of laughs, there were plenty of jokes made and memes shared—and as always with Peloton news, the viral “Peloton Girl” has made an appearance.

There’s also the question of exactly how Peloton is going to pull this off. The Tread and Tread+ are big machines, and they have sold a lot of the $4k+ treadmills.

People are genuinely concerned about the physical aspect of this whole thing; even the bikes are quite heavy.

At the core, there are basically two main sides to the debate: Many people claim that the problem is less with the design and more with owners being careless. Lots of Peloton owners aren’t thrilled with the recall. They love their Tread+ and want to keep it.

And while it’s true than the one death reported was a child, 29 of the more than 70 injuries reported were children—meaning that many injuries reported were, in fact, adults. The debate of design flaw vs. lax parenting is raging across social media, but some owners are glad that the recall will make the popular equipment safe.

Others argue that for such an expensive machine (Pelotons are known for costing more than their competition, at $4,300 per treadmill plus a $40 monthly subscription fee), safety features that come standard with other treadmills should absolutely be included.

(Warning: Adult language below.)

In not so surprising news, many supporters are standing by their brand. Fans of the Tread who haven’t had any problems are sharing the safety “rules” they implement themselves to ensure the recall won’t affect them.

screenshot of reaction to peloton tread recall

We hope that no matter what treadmill you’re using, at home or at the gym, you’re being safe. And now that the weather’s warming up (and we can be mask-free on our outdoor runs!), maybe it’s as good of time as any to press pause and get in some outdoor miles?