Introducing the Active Pass Membership

Our new membership program includes products and perks you actually want, such as coaching advice, books, industry pro deals, and access to exclusive content.

Pocket Outdoor Media, a holding company which owns Women’s Running, PodiumRunner, VeloNews, Triathlete, and Bicycle Retailer, as well as VeloPress, VeloSwap, and Roll Mastif has announced the launch of the all-new Active Pass membership program.

First off, you should know, the great coverage you’re used to receiving isn’t going anywhere. You will continue to be able to get almost all the Women’s Running content you’ve come to expect for free: the latest news and conversations within the women’s running community, top training advice from the country’s best coaches and experts, top-rated gear reviews, pertinent health and nutrition research and delicious recipes, and more.

With the new Active Pass membership, however, you’ll now be able to receive a whole bunch of new perks. First and foremost, our editorial staff has grown over the last few months and we’ll be delivering enhanced editorial coverage not previously available—like deep dive in-depth reviews and new stories on the latest science and nutrition. Expect long-form features, videos, and more. Membership content, when you’re logged in, will also be an ad-free experience. (To be clear, our advertising partners have supported us well over the years and will continue to support the business for years to come. But we also know some of you want a simplified reading experience.)

The $99 annual Active Pass membership also includes: access to training plans workouts from our partner Today’s Plan, an annual magazine subscription, two VeloPress books, exclusive partner discounts from a number of top brands, and plenty more perks in the works, like members-only webinars and in-person events.

Women’s Running and the rest of the brands that make up Pocket Outdoor Media have roots that date back to 1979. And while a lot has changed with each of these brands over the last 40 years, as well as the larger publishing business, the core commitment of each has maintained the same. The Active Pass membership program is one new way we continue to offer best-in-class content, much of it free, while delivering on our mission to inspire more people to do the activities they love, more often, with greater knowledge and enjoyment.