New Program Empowers Young Girls Through Running

"Our core focus is to providing an opportunity for girls to fall in love with movement and find their internal voice."

Heidi, who is the founder of the Mini Mermaid Running Club, is a cancer survivor who initially started running as a way to get out of the house after the birth of her oldest son.

15 years ago when Heidi received a call diagnosing her with a rare and aggressive form of blood cancer, she learned firsthand the connection between challenging the body, and a person’s will to fight. Fast forward a year after fighting the disease and she finished her first triathlon. Enter the Mini Mermaid Running Club, an organization that was founded as a way for Heidi to share that same sensation she felt when putting her feet across the finish line.

The national club trains girls ages 5-15 to run a marathon and teaches them not to focus on being first or running the fastest, but rather on finding their own pace. The program empowers young girls before the turmoils of high school and demands of adult life and arming them with the tools and confidence to own their lives. Check out the video, courtesy of