Get Out of Your Running Rut!

Though reversing time to revise a situation might seem tempting, declaring a new beginning can rejuvenate your spirit with a clarity that only experience provides.

Is your running program getting a little too comfortable? Take a look at our three tips for shaking things up (while having fun along the way!):

New Beginnings = Opportunity Ahead

1. Set a goal. As runners, we’re familiar with the term, “hitting the wall.” Though we strategize and plan ways to avoid the wall, sometimes it bears down and smacks us in the face. One way to move through a barrier (whether the wall represents a case of burn-out or tired legs from a tough run) is to set a new goal. If you’re fighting burn-out, register for a destination race in a place you’ve always wanted to visit. When tired legs start to scream, set tiny objectives like running until the next light post. By the time you get to the next post, you might just be able to keep going. At Women’s Running, our goal is to continue connecting with our readers so that we can provide you with relevant information (and maybe even inspire you or make you laugh along the way!).

2. Challenge yourself. Maybe your routine is lacing up first thing in the morning to pound out a few miles, or perhaps you’re part of the evening club. Whatever your preference, performing the same-old, same-old can lead to boredom. Try mixing it up, like our editor-in-chief @JessieSebor did, after she crushed her marathon goal. If you’re a road runner, try heading out off road to embark on a new adventure or vice-versa. Whatever you choose to do, challenging yourself can reignite your love of running!

Get out of your comfort zone to find the magic!

3. Have fun. Bottom line. At Women’s Running, we’re head-over-heels in love running and enjoy sharing our enthusiasm with you everyday. Whether your definition of fun involves friends, a fun run race, or simply a good ol’fashioned run, make sure you enjoy what you’re doing. Time flies when you’re having fun (and hopefully your legs will follow!).

What tips do you have for mixing it up?