This Gorgeous Race Lets People Run Alongside Wild Horses

At the Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset Trail run, racers pass through fields of wild horses, grazing yak and ancients shrines.

One of the most beautiful runs in the world is a race you’ve never heard of in a country you likely never planned to visit.

The Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset Trail Run is held in Hovsgol National Park in northwest Mongolia, near the Russian border. Runners from all over the world take part in the annual event, and with a 42K and 100K option on technical trails, racers certainly earn their views. (That’s 26 and 62 miles after the conversion).

Because Hovsgol National Park is home to a giant alpine lake (one of the largest bodies of fresh water in the world), the area around it is teaming with life. Wild horses, reindeer, Siberian moose, ibex and argali all head to the water to drink. Runners are allowed to share the trails with this stunning array of wildlife.

The region is also home to nomadic Mongolian citizens that tend to flocks of camel, yak, horses or cows. The large white tents runner notice are gers (Mongolian yurts), and racers will be encouraged by cheering from locals as they pass.

We dare you to scroll through this gallery and then not search for flight deals to Mongolia. The next race is slated for August 2017.