Speedy at 67

Have you ever stood on the sidelines at the end of a race and watched the faces of athletes as they cross the finish line? It’s a pretty amazing experience.  At an average event, you will see runners in all shapes, sizes, and age groups. Witnessing the sense of accomplishment runners feel at the end of a race can inspire athletes of all levels.

In the Jan./Feb 2012 issue of Women’s Running magazine, editor Jessie Sebor wrote an article about a group of “Golden Goddesses.” The story details the running adventures of some of the ladies from New England’s 65 Plus Club. Reading the stories of women who run (and kick butt nonetheless!) well into their later years is something we hope you will find motivating.

Image from Women Running Together

One of the women profiled, Jan Holmquist, holds a record for the second fastest 5K finish time for a 67 year-old woman at the Run for All Ages event. On New Year’s Eve (2011), Jan secured a national record at Boston Univeristy’s Mini-Meet with her relay team!  Competing in the 4 X 1600 Meter Relay, Jan Holmquist, 67, Regina Wright, 69, Sue Gustafson, 65,and Leni Webber, 64, broke the previous record for the women’s 60-69 age group by 35 seconds. Completing the distance in 28:57, the team secured their spot in history.

So, on this Monday we challenge you to find motivation and strength in the spirit of these amazing women. Go ahead, we dare you!

Are you up for the challenge? What will you do today?