By The Numbers: Mental Health And Its Connection To Running

From that coveted runner's high to improved sleep, creativity and memory, Team WR breaks down the mental benefits of running.

The Unlimited Mental Benefits of Running

Running can go to your head–and when we’re talking about exercise, that’s rarely a bad thing! Here are the latest statistics Team WR gathered from readers on the physical and mental benefits of running.

Readers agreed that some of the best things about running are setting and reaching goals, interacting with other runners and running across beautiful landscapes.

There’s no doubt about it–running is good for your health! What other reason do we need to lace up?

For the most part, running helps improve our self-confidence.

Not only does running boost self-confidence–it improves creativity, as well!

You probably won’t reach Dustin Hoffman’s Rain Man level, but exercise can certainly help improve your memory.

You know that runner’s high everyone’s always talking about? These chemicals released while running are what cause it.

We especially loved the “unmurdery” and “#NotFreakingCrazy” answers.

If you’ve got a feeling, we’re betting it’s a good enough reason to go for a run.

That’s less than half an episode of Game of Thrones each day.

Which is even more incentive to get yourself past that tough first mile.


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