Meet Sarah From Switzerland!

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Sarah Tschopp is from Berne, Switzerland, and we asked her a few questions about running:

Why do you run?

I wasn’t an athletic child—in fact I would have preferred to live inside my books full-time. Gym class was torture. But then in High School we had this compulsory 36-minute run, and despite being completely unfit I REALLY enjoyed it. So I kept at it irregularly, going for jogs all through college; at the time I saw it more as a way to stay in shape and lose weight. When I met my boyfriend 6 years ago, he got me into hiking and running, and I fell in love with the whole thing all over again! He trains every year for this beautiful race in our city, the Grand Prix of Berne (10 miles). This seemed like an unattainable goal to me, but gradually I made my jogs longer, and started enjoying the challenge. Now we train together each year for this race, and I am planning to run my first half marathon this autumn! I am so excited and terrified at the same time. Running has become an essential part of my life. I used to love how I felt after a run, but now I relish the feeling DURING runs as well! I run to feel one with nature, to feel my heart pumping, to enjoy the companionship and to chat with my running buddies. I run because it makes me feel strong and beautiful. And I also run to show that shy, awkward little kid I used to be that she can achieve anything if she wants to! 🙂


Describe your favorite place to run.

I love running in the forest, or on the gravel path along our local river. And if it’s raining hard I run on the treadmill while listening to book-related audiobooks! 🙂

What’s your go-to pre- or post-run meal?

My go-to breakfast is oatmeal with almond milk and sultanas. But before a long run or a race I make myself a giant pancake with pear syrup, which is just decadent and wonderful.

What makes you a badass?

I like to think that I achieve my goals by being gentle with myself and telling myself positive messages: you are beautiful, you are strong, you can do this. Works much better for me than gritting my teeth! So I would say, working on self-love has made me quite a badass!

How will you celebrate Global Running Day?

On June 21 my boyfriend and I will be hiking through Corsica with our tents. So I think Running Day will be celebrated with a little pre-hike morning jog. 🙂

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