Meet Renee From Abu Dhabi!

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Renee Hanna lives in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates—and we asked her some questions about running:

Why do you run?

To feel free. To feel empowered. To challenge myself. To prove to myself my own potential. To de-stress. And because all those things make me feel good!

Describe your favorite place to run.

Along the Corniche in downtown Abu Dhabi. My starting point is near the Emirates Palace, heading east down the palm tree lined walking/bike path with the blue water of Arabian Gulf on my left, and the city with its notable landmark skyscrapers on my right. The sun beats down on you, but you can’t beat the views.

What’s your go-to pre- or post-run meal?

Pre-run: A bowl of maple and brown sugar oatmeal.

What makes you a badass?

Sharing my love of running with others! With the expats making up nearly 90 percent of the UAE population, there is constant desire to build connections with others in this country. With support from Pam Burrus of Moms Run This Town, I formed a chapter of MRTT/SRTT in the Abu Dhabi, making it one of just a handful of international chapters. The response has been tremendous. In less than a month, we have grown to more than 50 members, the majority of who are just beginning their fitness journey. My goal is to create a community for women in desperate need of friendship to get out there and reach their goals together.


How will you celebrate Global Running Day?

A cool (once the sun goes down) night run at Yas Marina Circuit’s F1 Track.

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