Meet Maxine From England!

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Maxine Sinda Napal is from Waltham Abbey, Essex, United Kingdom, and we asked her a few questions about running:

Why do you run?

I run for the headspace I cannot do without, for the fresh air, the scenery and the freedom from life’s routine. I started running to honor my dad’s losing battle with cancer and kept running for my son who has Down syndrome. Inspiration everywhere. Live to run, run to live.


Describe your favorite place to run.

Lee Valley Park, five minutes from my house. There’s a great cycling path that has a good steep climb at about the four mile mark; it’s steeper on the return. The way to and fro is a great rollercoaster of a tight, hilly pathway. You can choose to run on towpath and watch the swans chilling out with their babies on the water. Talk about feeling alive!

What’s your go-to pre- or post-run meal?

Porridge on the top end and a protein drink followed by something including eggs afterwards. I also love avocado toast and pink lady apples.

What makes you a badass? 

I just finished the London Marathon (my first) after missing out on 100 miles of training due to a chest infection and pulling a calf muscle at mile 20. I power walked to the finish. I was on the course three times longer than the winner. I may be slow, but how tough am I?!


How will you celebrate Global Running Day?

It’s a day off work and we’re taking the kiddos to a stage show, but I’ll be getting up early to get in a training run for Chicago Marathon in October. I live in England, but I can’t wait to run my second marathon at  my first home.

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