Meet Joanne From Australia!

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Joanne is from Sydney, Australia, and we asked her a few questions about running:

Why do you run?

I run to keep young. I run to keep improving. I run to set an example.  I run to chase goals. I run to be grateful and appreciate the fact that I CAN. I run for the friendships and encoyragement and support that is generated from a fabulous run group.

Describe your favorite place to run.

Holiday destinations. Ocean views. My in-laws live in mid north coast Forster NSW; it’s the best.

What’s your go-to pre- or post-run meal?

A banana and coffee are my pre-run quick meal. Post-run, I have zoodles, tuna, chilli and corn kernels!


What makes you a badass? 

I actually don’t think I am much of a badass. But I refuse the answer to be ‘no.’ Can’t is not an option. I aim to be faster, fitter and stronger at 44!

How will you celebrate Global Running Day?

I will spend Global Running Day running my free interval session for ladies in our local run club, which I hold every Wednesday. Running. Pushing boundaries. Motivating others to push their boundaries. Running makes me happy. Running with a group makes it even happier


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