Meet Ferina From The Philippines!

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Ferina Datoc is from the Philippines and currently lives in Taipei, and we asked her a few questions about running:

Why do you run?

When I run, I feel God’s pleasure!

Describe your favorite place to run.

I live in Taipei right now and I enjoy running around the city of Taiwan. I like running beside a river path with my running buddies; in hiking trails and near coastlines.

What’s your go-to pre- or post-run meal?

Pre-run I’ll have a banana, a spoon of Tart Cherry, bottle of Gatorade and water  Post-run I have a bottle of Gatorade, pasta (carbs!) and water

What makes you a badass?

I ran my first marathon barefoot.

How will you celebrate Global Running Day?

I will be in Manila at that time, so, I am planning to run one mile near Bonifacio Global City.

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