Meet Dalit From Israel!

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Dalit is from Rishon LeTziyon, Israel, and we asked her a few questions about running:

Why do you run?

The past year has been a hard one, with a few difficult changes, and running is a constant that takes me out of my head, out of the problems and the worry. I run because it truly makes me feel good, physically and mentally!

Describe your favorite place to run.

I have two! For an urban setting, I love the Tel Aviv promenade; not only is it beautiful, but it is usually full of runners and bikers and full of energy! For trails, I run the Forest of the Martyrs, within the Jerusalem mountains. It’s a gorgeous forest with steep hills and views that take my breath away every time. I almost forget about the real world when I run there.

What’s your go-to pre- or post-run meal?

Pre-run is a classic for me: homemade granola bar with oats, pecans, dark cacao, peanut butter and cranberries. Post-run changes, but it’s usually a carb-heavy meal such as a sandwich or granola.


What makes you a badass? 

Running hard when I’m tired and pushing my limits makes me feel like a badass!

How will you celebrate Global Running Day?

Running, of course!

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