Mark These Dates On Your March Calendar

These are the holidays and important dates you need to know this month.


March is both National Nutrition Month and National Noodle Month. Celebrate with some healthy zoodles (spiralized zucchini) tossed in a creamy cauliflower sauce for a dish heavy on nutritious veggies and light on calories.

Daffodils are the flower of the month, so see how many different varieties you can find as you run.

March 5: National Maple Syrup Festival. This sweet weekend event kicks off yearly in Brown County, Ind., where party-goers enjoy a pancake-flipping demonstration and syrup cook-off . Runners everywhere can celebrate by enjoying the nutrient-rich sugar mid-workout: Untapped’s 100-calorie packets of pure Vermont maple syrup ( are designed to keep you going for miles.


March 6: For runners, one of the easiest ways to protect your eyesight is to wear sunglasses. Kick off Save Your Vision Week by sporting sunnies that protect from 100 percent of UVA and UVB light and are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses (not glass).

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March 12: A race belt is the Sporty Spice version of a fanny pack. On International Fanny Pack Day, rock yours with pride.

March 13: If you think it’s hard to run around a track, try running around in tiny circles, wearing dress shoes, with thousands of people watching, leading an impeccably groomed dog. Crufts, the world’s largest dog show, is a great way
to check out new running partners! The final judging is today.


March 14: On National Potato Chip Day—yes, it’s also National Pi Day—the salty, greasy goodness of a post-run chip (one of Kathrine Switzer’s favorites) is hard to resist.

March 17-20: The racing excitement at the World IAAF Indoor Championships in Portland should tide you over until the Olympics—plus it’s way easier to get tickets.

March 20: We think the best way to mark the First Day of Spring is with a run outdoors!

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March 26: It’s Make Your Own Holiday Day! For real. Since it falls on a Saturday this year, we love the idea of a Runch Day. Go running and get brunch with your buddies…maybe with time for a massage or pedicure. Celebrate you!