9 Fun Dates In March To Be Aware Of

We have rounded up some important—and noteworthy—dates that every runner should be sure to mark on their calendar this month.

What better time to focus on a few running goals than during International Expect Success Month? Home in on the objectives most important to you and build a plan to get yourself there—before you know it…success!

March 4—Saturday

On National Frozen Food Day we can think of two ways to celebrate: Ice your aches with a bag of peas and throw some frosty mango cubes into your smoothie for a tropical twist.

March 5-11—Sunday-Saturday

As a runner, sleep is essential for recovery and optimal performance. Aim for 7–9 hours of ZZZs per night year-round, but during National Sleep Awareness Week, be especially diligent.

March 10—Friday

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Happy 34th birthday to Carrie Underwood, country singer, runner, mom and driving force behind the fitness apparel line Calia.

March 10-11—Friday-Saturday

The University of Oregon women have won six out of the last seven years at the NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships. Tune in for fast action on the track, held this year at College Station, Tex.

March 12—Sunday

Daylight Savings Time begins. Losing the hour can be a drag—but think of all those well-lit evening runs in your near future.

March 13—Monday

On Napping Day, “celebrate” springing forward…but go for a run too. Studies show exercise is the best way to reset circadian rhythms.

March 19—Sunday

When the sun goes down on the capital city, thousands of runners will take to the streets to race Rock ‘n’ Roll Mexico City. The 13.1-mile run (which has an 11K option), cuts through Chapultepec Park before culminating with a finish-line fiesta.

March 22—Wednesday

On World Water Day, remember that the refreshing H2O we often take for granted can be hard to come by in developing nations. Companies like Janji ( help deliver clean water worldwide—you make it happen by purchasing their awesome running apparel!

March 26—Sunday

It’s National Spinach Day! This vegetable is a good source of calcium, folic acid and vitamins A, C and K—and at just 7 calories per cup, you should eat this iron-rich leafy green until you get your fill.