These GIFs Show What Marathon Training Is Really Like

Nat Runs Far shares GIFs that explore every part of the marathon training cycle–the good, the bad and the very sweaty.

The GIFs Got It

We are solidly in the middle of summer and runners everywhere are sweating it out on a daily basis, their eyes firmly set on their fall marathons. Who said running is easy? It’s the hard work that makes it so rewarding. Even so, it always puts things in perspective when we can have a little fun with our sport. Let’s take a look at marathon training as told by GIFs.

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When someone tells you that your marathon goal (or even your goal to complete a marathon) is too ambitious.

How we feel at the beginning of our training:

That feeling after your first 20-mile training run.

When you nail a speed workout:

And because you really need to pump yourself up after your tempo run…

Those taper crazies (you’re just ready to race, already!).

You did it: you ran a marathon! Whether it’s your first or your 20th, it’s just amazing that you actually ran 26.2 miles.

After you’ve run that huge race, it’s time to celebrate!

Now it’s time to hit the road! Happy training and remember to dream big.


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