Manyuan R. – New Orleans, LA

Why did you start running?

I’ve always been athletic. But as a young child, P.E. was pretty much the only time I had a chance to participate in sports. It was not until I got to high school that I was finally able to compete. I love to run, so track was the most natural choice for me. It’s been 16 years since I laced up my first pair of running shoes, and every day I wake up looking forward to my next run.

What makes you go run?

The way I approach running is the way I approach life. No matter how far the distance, strong the wind, high the hill, slippery the slope, muddy the ground, I keep moving forward, leaving anyone and anything that tries to get in my way behind. I only stop to look back to see how far I’ve come. Then I’m off again, stronger and wiser.

Fun fact. . .

I competed in the 400 meters at the collegiate level at one of the greatest universities in the country, the University of California, Los Angeles. This remains one of the most exciting experiences I’ve had as a runner.