Actress Lyndie Greenwood On Busting Negative Self-Talk (And More)

When actress Lyndie Greenwood, isn't working on Fox's "Sleepy Hollow," you'll find her running.


You may recognize our March cover runner—actress Lyndie Greenwood—from her role as Jenny Mills on Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow.” Even on 16-hour set days, actress Lyndie Greenwood likes to start the morning by getting in 4 miles.

While spending time with her during the cover shoot, here are a few fun facts we learned about the 32-year-old Canadian.

On racing…

She hasn’t yet! “It is a challenge sometimes, but mostly I just love to run. So I think I’ll just leave it as that. Running is a bit of a treat for me. Maybe one day I’ll change my mind [about racing], but right now that’s where I stand.”

On busting negative self-talk…

“Because I run, and because I’m healthy, that’s the best I can do. I feel my brain is chemically better when I run, so those issues of body image aren’t as big of a deal when I know I’m taking care of myself.”

On why being fit (not skinny) = happiness…

“There was a time when I was way too skinny, and my friends asked me to get on the scale in front of them right now. And I realized I was a miserable person! I was cranky and hungry all the time.”

On what’s going down during ‘off-season’…

Secret stuff! “There are some projects I’m looking at over the hiatus, so I’ll be going to Los Angeles a little bit.”

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