LUNA Bar Is Celebrating Equal Pay Day With Powerful Video

This is a cool campaign to check out!

In support of Equal Pay Day on April 4, actress Gina Rodriguez, best known for her role in “Jane the Virgin,” is working with LUNA for its first-ever cause campaign. It is aimed at rallying people everywhere to raise their collective voice against one of the longest standing inequalities: the pay gap. On average, women are paid 20 percent less than men and for college-educated women, this can equate to nearly a million dollars in lost wages over the course of their careers. 

To further raise awareness of the gender pay gap, LUNA is offering a discount on bars from April 3-April 11 in support of Lean In’s #20PercentCounts campaign. They are matching the discount amount with a donation of up to $100,000 to fund salary negotiation workshops hosted by AAUW.

Watch this amazing video with Gina Rodriguez to find out more.