One Runner’s Love Letter To Her Favorite Season: Fall

Fall has arrived and with it comes cooler temperatures, more races and seriously stunning views. Here's one runner's ode to the season.


Dear Fall,

I have a crush on you. More than a crush, actually. I think about you every other month of the year. The other seasons just don’t motivate me like you do. I would just like to tell you a few reasons why I love you.

You’re not too hot. Some people like the heat, but to me you are the perfect temperature. The cool breeze you offer contrasts your warm afternoon sun. I don’t have to wear a thick jacket, but I also don’t have to worry about sweating through a tank top.

You’re committed. Winter never seems to make up it’s mind; one day it’s snowing, the other rain. But once fall hits—it stays. I appreciate that I can always look forward to your arrival and your stay.

You’re familiar. I can look forward to you because I know what to expect. There are races just about every weekend, from marathons to fun-run 5Ks. The crisp air, the slightly-earlier sunsets and the colors will never bore me.

You’re pretty. Let’s face it—looks aren’t everything, but they are a nice bonus. Your shades of reds and oranges are gorgeous, and falling leaves make a perfect backdrop for a run.

You’re willing to go the distance. Long runs in the summer are humid endeavors, but the autumn is a great temperature. Fall is marathon season; you remind me why I dealt with the heat all summer. Now is the time for all my training to pay off.


A Runner