Lauren Fleshman To Teach Virtual Course On Body Image

She is partnering with a clinical psychologist and together they will explore body image and the strive for perfection in runners.


Whether you are a runner who struggles with body image or not, exploring the culture of it in our sport is important. It is especially notable when it comes to striving for perfection, as many runners often do.

Lauren Fleshman, who recently retired from the sport, is partnering up with Dr. Melody Moore, Clinical Psychologist and expert in Eating Disorder recovery, to hold a virtual course on Embody YOUniversity (part of the Embody Love Movement). This course, which will be held on Monday, March 27 and Wednesday, March 29, is titled Changing The Game: Running, Eating Disorders & Body Image.

The course description states, “We’ll cover the risks specific to runners, using coaches as positive agents for change, the myth of perfection, transforming language and the culture of teamwork, and offer tools for runners, parents, and coaches.”

The cost ranges from $30-$70 for both days and you can watch virtually anywhere you have a computer! For more information, visit