Yes, That’s Kara Goucher In That Inspiring Apple Watch Commercial

She's thanking the fruit for giving her a product she loved.

Sept. 12 was a big day—Apple announced all their cool new things, with tech nerds (and really the general public) tuning in all over the world. But the night before, marathoner Kara Goucher teased something mysterious on her Instagram stories, saying she was in a ‘secret location’ from her hotel room.

Well, secret’s out—Goucher attended the massive Apple event at the company’s new headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. She also has a cameo in the “Dear Apple” commercial, which stars a handful of Apple Watch users reading their letters to the company, thanking CEO Tim Cook et. al. for inspiring them, saving them and changing their lives in one way or another.

The video description on their YouTube channel reads: People reach out to Apple all the time to say how Apple Watch is helping them live healthier lives. Here, real customers read the actual stories they shared.

Goucher was just one of many users, all from various walks of life, sports, situations and backgrounds, reading lines from her letter to the company. She shared her story of moving past knee surgery, while others cited the watch’s ability to assist those monitoring glucose levels, or how the SOS feature saved them in a car crash when their phone was unreachable.

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The commercial is moving and inspiring—just another memorable installment from the monstrous fruit that seems to captivates us all with the launch of every gadget. Watch it above.