#JourneyWithSteph: Why #IAmNotCool

Stephanie Bruce has three "uncool" reasons why she's quirky and unique.


A campaign was launched last week with the title and theme of #WeAreAllUncool. The idea is to celebrate that we all have quirks, habits and differences that make us unique. Sometimes these traits lead us to feel vulnerable and embarrassed about our shortcomings. We should not have to apologize or feel ashamed. To keep up with the campaign, I’ve shared why #IAmNotCool. I hope you are encouraged, inspired and feel compelled to share your photos, Instagram, and tweets with #WeAreAllUncool and #JourneyWithSteph.

1. I wear granny underwear under my running shorts—even spandex—because I pee my pants on every run and workout since having my son 9 months ago. I have to wear a maxi pad to help avoid soaked pants post-run. It leads to a super-hot look when I’m rocking light-colored spandex.
2. I am rarely caught in a picture without makeup. In high school I used to wear eyeliner all the time and never take it off, so I’d still be wearing it at 6 a.m. for morning cross-country practice. I’m still getting comfortable with having a naked face.
3. I feel I have to apologize for my food allergies as if they are a lifestyle choice and not a condition. I am tempted to eat gluten almost every single day, even though I know how sick it would make me. I can sometimes be brought to tears by smelling and watching someone eat pizza.

What makes you say #IAmNotCool? Share your photo with @WomensRunning and @StephRothsteinBruce on Twitter and tell us what makes you super quirky and refreshingly unique!