John Oliver’s Take On Doping Ahead Of Olympics Is Spot On

In true late-night television fashion, John Oliver takes the doping issues and explains it with humor and a clip from Shalane Flanagan.

In case you don’t watch late-night television, John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight (think: Stephen Colbert) is obviously funny, but it’s also very on point with regard to the ridiculousness of the governing bodies “handling” doping and the depressing truth of dreams being taken by cheaters. In his most recent bit, he touches on the rampant issues of doping and how they are making headlines during this Olympic year, namely with the recent ban on Russia’s participation. And yes, he even makes a “glory hole” joke. And yes, he strategically cuts a clip of Shalane Flanagan saying “you have to get ready to pee” immediately following a race. And yes, he does also pull at heart strings with a clip of Alysia Montano feeling like her career is a “farse” after being cheated out of multiple medals. If you know nothing about doping, watch this clip. If you don’t care about it but love the Olympics, watch this clip. If you love John Oliver, definitely watch this clip—then go read Spitting in the Soup from VeloPress to learn more about the unfortunate history of cheating in sport.