John Hancock Releases Pro Athletes’ Running Playlists On Spotify

Boston Marathon sponsor John Hancock and Spotify have released running playlists curated by some of the biggest names in pro running.

Run Like The Pros

What do Shalane Flanagan, Molly Huddle, Jordan Hasay and Desiree Linden have in common? Besides being general speed demons, they’re also all members of the John Hancock Elite Athlete Team who are racing the 2018 Boston Marathon–and, as of this morning, they’ve all shared curated running playlists with fans as part of their race-day buildup. They’re not alone–in total, 21 pros registered to race as part of the elite men’s and women’s fields on April 16 have contributed personalized playlists to this interactive project, at once recognizing the music that keeps them going during long training runs and those thrilled by the idea of tracking workouts to the same tunes as their running idols.

Released today as a collaboration between John Hancock and Spotify, the playlists are available for those interested in listening all the way through or matching music to specific paces or time spent running. Some also feature words of motivation from the athletes themselves.

“In our 33 years sponsoring the Boston Marathon, we’ve never had the opportunity to offer this type of personal experience with our elite running team to so many,” said Barbara Goose, the chief marketing officer at John Hancock, in an official press release. “This is a perfect fit with our 2018 Boston Marathon #TogetherForward theme because if anyone can motivate us forward, it is the John Hancock Elite Athlete Team.”

To learn more, visit or follow John Hancock on Spotify for the complete collection of athlete-curated playlists.


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