Jogging Presidents

Just for today (President’s Day), let’s put politics aside and celebrate the job of the president. While we, here at Women’s Running magazine, aren’t looking to spark a debate on the performance of each president, we think it’s pretty easy to say that the role of the president ranks high on the scale of stressful jobs. Knowing this, we were curious to find out which of our presidents managed stress by pounding the pavement.

Did you know Jimmy Carter was a  jogging president?

How about Bill Clinton?

Bill Clinton jogging with his daughter, Chelsea in 1997. Photo by Ruth Fremson/AP

Or George W. Bush?

Paul J. Richards / AFP Getty Images

All three of the jogging presidents above took to the streets to exercise. While we know our current president, Barack Obama, is an avid basketball player, he jogs to stay in tip-top shape for shooting hoops.

First lady, Michelle Obama, is most known for her efforts to support healthy children and families through smart nutrition and exercise choices.  Check out the first lady sprinting here (check out that awesome lean in her form too!):

Photo by Dion Jackson

So on President’s Day, Women’s Running salutes our jogging presidents and look forward to the day when we add a female jogging president to the mix :).

Happy President’s Day!  Tell us, if you could race against a president (road race 🙂 ), would you take the opportunity?